For the roofing contractor, material cost and warranty are the key selling points when considering a cool roof coating. With some acrylic  roof coatings selling at $75 a pail and others at two or three times that price, the difference comes down to the percentage of solids in the material,” “Go to a home center and you can find acrylics for $75 a pail with 45 percent solids.”Many Roof coatings manufacturers agree that a product with 66 percent to 72 percent solids is a good choice for low-slope roofing. In fact, coatings with a high solids content of 70 percent or more can often be warranted for up to 20 years.

Of course, longer warranties require certified installers who can count on strong technical support and inspections from the acrylic roof coatings manufacturer. This also assures the architect and property owner that the contractor has been well trained to install the product.

For a roof coating contractor to really make the most profit in the roof coatings industry, they would use an acrylic roof coating with very high solids. Because acrylic roof coatings are more cost effective than solvent based coatings they are attractive to the contractor, However buying acrylic coatings on price alone is not the best way to do so. Buying high quality, premium grade liquid applied roofing systems may at first look like a more costly approach, but when you look at the value they really have to offer, you see that due to the amount of solids the mil thickness can be built up in less passes than the “cheaper” products. Meaning you use less labor to install as well as less product. In the end certain roof coating products prove to be more profitable than other acrylics. And ultimately last longer to provide the end user the best value. These benefits make for a WIN-WIN for the contractor and building owner. Which will ultimately generate more work from referrals and repeat customers.