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Reduce The Risks And Capital Expense Involved With Roofing

Building Owners And Managers Have Found A Better Way To Roof.  Roof Restoration Extends The Life Of Your Roof By 20 Years At A Fraction Of The Cost.


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Who is the NRCCA

The National Roof Coating Contractors Affiliation is an organization founded to forge the betterment of relationships between building owners and roof coating contractors.  Through industry leading training and support the NRCCA affiliate contractors can offer a superior service along with industry leading warranties.  Building owners and managers who become NRCCA Affiliate Members can find comfort in knowing what kind of roofing contractor is on their property.  NRCCA Affiliate Contractors have to meet strict requirements and have a proven track record of providing excellent product installation and customer service.  The NRCCA backs all products and services provided by it’s Affiliate Contractors for the life of the warranty period.  

Key Characteristics

Simply put the NRCCA expects more, we expect more from our Affiliate Contractors so that we can ensure quality.  By setting high standards we are able to create a “Gold Standard” in the roof restoration industry.   We accept only the best of the best and we back the workmanship 100%.  

  • Manufacturer Certified Installers
  • O.S.H.A Compliant
  • Licensed As Required By State Law
  • Insured General Liability & Workers Compensation
  • Excellent Reputation and Referrals


Why Roof Coatings Instead Of Traditional Roofing Products?


Roof coatings give building owners and managers options.  Traditional roofing solutions really only have 2 options.  Either replace a roof that is old and tired or do a very temporary patch.  Complete roof replacement has many more negatives than positives.  Tradition roof replacement typically costs double the price of roof restoration using roof coatings.  .

Roof coatings allow the roof to be restored and warrantied for up to 20 years.  Roof coatings also are non-invasive and do not require business to shut down or be disturbed.  The coatings are also up to 86% UV reflective which will reduce cooling costs as mush as 55%.  Roof coatings can be patched and repaired as need with minimal issues.

Areal Inspections Can Cover Thousands Of Sq.Ft In Just Minutes


Advanced SkyTechnology® 


The NRCCA uses thermal imagery to identify hard to find leaks and energy loss on commercial roofs.  If your commercial property is leaking call today for more information on Advanced SkyTechnology®.


National Brands Trust The Products And Services Of NRCCA Contractor Affiliates

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NRCCA is an organization dedicated to ensuring commercial building owners can find the most qualified Commercial Roof Restoration Contractors. NRCCA member contractors meet strict requirements and provide a minimum 12 year warranty with every install.

Become An Affiliate Member

1. Enroll In Our RoofCheck Program

Enroll to have semi annual no cost roof inspection and preventative maintenance.  RoofCheck is a great way to get ahead of potential roof leaks that can cause serious problems down the road.  We send a roof technician semi annually to do a 21 point inspection and minor preventative maintenance.

2. Sign Up For Our Regular Maintenance Plan

We have multiple options for building owners and managers to maintain their roof.  Low cost solutions to extend the life of an already troubled roof.  Most plans include a warranty on all repairs.

3. Get A Quote For Complete Restoration Or Replacement

We will get you in contact with one of our affiliate contractors.  The Affiliate Contractors will provide a free indepth inspection along with a comprehensive quote on different roofing solutions.  The NRCCA stands behind all manufacturer warranties.

Metal Roof Restoration System | Metal Roof Coatings

If your building has a leaking metal roof system it may be eligible for restoration.  Many metal roof systems leak at the either the seams or the fasteners.  Roof coatings are a fantastic way to resolve this issue. Watch this metal roof coatings video as a reference of what can be done.  Typically a metal roof coating system can come with up to an 18yr warranty.

Flat Roof Restoration | Flat Roof Coatings

Flat roof restoration as opposed to replacement can be a great option.  Depending on the existing roof system on your building it maybe possible to spray coatings right over the top of your roof and still obtain up to an 18yr warranty.  Some buildings will require a few extra steps in the process but still have the same benefits.  The NRCCA certifies roof coating contractors are the best in the industry and are certified to install roof coatings while offering a manufacturer warranty.

Can My Type Of Roof Be Restored?

Typically most low slope and metal pitched roofs can be restored.  There are some variables that would prohibit restoration.  If a roof has trapped moisture or bound water it will need to be replaced.

Are Roof Coatings Resistant To Hail?

Yes,  some roof coatings are impact rated up to 2 1/2″ hail.  Be sure to ask your affiliate contractor about the product he is recommending.

Can I Repair Small Areas Without Full Replacement?

Yes,  many of our affiliate contractors do minimal repairs on roofs that have either malfunctioning seams, penetration area leaks, ponding water, improper installation, storm damage or even after a mechanical unit exchange.

Do I Need To Do Routine Maintenance After Restoration?

It is recommended that any low slope roof be inspected at least annually and cleaned every couple of years to best preserve the integrity.

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Schedule a free roof inspection today. We’ll connect you with an NRCCA Approved Contractor to inspect your roof and offer a comprehensive proposal to repair,restore or replace. It is critical to have a professional contractor survey your roof regularly. Find small problems today so they won’t be large problems tomorrow.